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Software for Surveying and As-Built Documentation

FARO products

FARO offers highly sophisticated, easy-to-use AutoCAD applications for as-built documentation. Everybody can profit directly from state-of-the-art surveying technologies.

From Real World to CAD!



Online Surveying on-site and in real-time

  kubit TachyCAD


Image rectification directly inside AutoCAD
  kubit PhoToPlan

PointSense Products

Post-processing 3D scanning data with AutoCAD
  kubit PointCloud


Use and evaluation of laser scan data with or without CAD
  kubit VirtuSurv


Structured mapping of building conditions
  kubit MonuMap


Reliable as-builts in real-time
  kubit DistToPlan


Structured geometrical and non-geometrical building data
  kubit hylasFM


FARO Laser Scanning Portfolio

A glance at the diverse laser scanning products and features offered by FARO. From generic tools in AutoCAD to industry specific workflows for plant, building, and heritage design, the FARO team provides end to end solutions for multiple fields with the PointSense family of products. FARO's standalone VirtuSurv product also provides a great deal of ease and flexibility to designing with scan data.