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3D Laserscanner data export to AutoCAD, Revit and Windows programs


  • Load large data sets or full scan projects quickly.
  • Send coordinates and distances directly into any Windows software.
  • Send customized commands to AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit and similar CAD packages

Do you use laser scanning for fast data collection? But find point clouds too confusing? Looking for a fast and easy workflow? Want to start without training?

VirtuSurv is the solution.




FARO software's standalone product for easily working with high resolution laser scan projects. Easy to move from one scan position to the next with interactive scan map. Connect, model or measure to a variety of programs including Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Rhino, IntelliCAD or database programs like Excel. Traditional surveyors may also create a custom coded field book... Details

  Archaeology, CAD-Dokumentation on site

VirtuSurv with Revit Link

VirtuSurv for Revit connects high resolution 3D laser scans to Autodesk Revit for an easy scan to BIM workflow. Create major architectural elements such as walls, doors and windows with a few clicks in your scan view. Lay out modeling lines for additional Revit elements. Insert your raw Autodesk point cloud over your model for verification and continued work within the Revit environment. Import native scan data to the Revit Family Editor for easier creation of custom Revit objects... Details

  3D Laser Scans in Revit's Family Editor