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Leave the site with a finished plan

TachyCAD-Building Survey

  • Leave the site with a finished plan
  • Spot and rectify errors such as missing and inconsistent readings immediately
  • Rework in the office is minimized
Video TachyCAD Prinzip, Shockwave
TachyCAD, how does it work?

The AutoCAD application TachyCAD is a solution for CAD-based inventory data collection. Measurements from common survey instruments are deployed immediately as CAD geometry. Depending on requirements, floor plans, sections, elevations or 3D objects are created locally as an AutoCAD drawing.

The total station is your AutoCAD cursor

TachyCAD enables transmission of measurement data from a total station to a notebook. At measurement initiation, the data is automatically transferred to the notebook. TachyCAD calculates and plots the 3D coordinates of the point. The survey data is made available for AutoCAD drawing and design processes in the same way as pointing with a mouse or by manual data entry. Measurement by Bluetooth-enabled hand lasers or total stations can be passed wirelessly to AutoCAD for immediate use.

Optimized workflow in detail

An extensive range of commands specifically developed for building survey are added to AutoCAD functionality. The basic principle of all commands is to achieve, with as few inputs and measurements as possible, the final presentation drawing.

Area Calculation in Parallel to the CAD plan

Space/area reports can be created quickly and easily in one convenient and customizable tree structure, the areas can be provided with additional information such as volume, asset locations and space usage. Room footprints and visualizations (e.g. different NRV depending on type of usage) can be produced on demand. Export of the FM attribute database is possible as well.

Demo video


  • Leave the site with a finished plan
  • Spot and rectify errors such as missing and inconsistent readings immediately
  • Rework in the office is minimized
  • Complete AutoCAD toolset is available for survey action.
  • Saves time by simultaneous measurement and construction of property data
  • Open choice of equipment and instruments
  • Open choice and combination of measurement methods: measuring tape, ruler, hand laser or total station
  • Automated real-world solutions for typical tasks
  • Free support


TachyCAD building survey can be used anywhere where building plans are drawn or CAD-detected objects need to be combined with factual data. Creating 3D drawings is easily possible. Applications include:

  • ‘As-built’ data acquisition for plans of existing buildings
  • Room schedules for facility management
  • Inventory of historic monuments and conservation records

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The picture:
A TachyCAD measured FM plan. Geometric information on individual rooms such as area and volume is calculated automatically. Collected data can also be assigned to selected subject areas.

CAD Plan mit Sachdaten