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Messen und den CAD Plan vor Ort zeichnen


  • Fast, safe and accurate
  • Reliable data collection
  • As-built CAD drawings on site

Buildings, road courses, archaeological sites or industrial facilities:

Leave the site, excavation or building with a finished CAD plan

TachyCAD is an AutoCAD based solution for as-built documentation. Measurements from common survey instruments such as total stations are converted immediately to CAD geometry. Depending on design requirements, floor plans, sections, elevations or 3D objects are created locally as an AutoCAD drawing.

In addition, TachyCAD allows for the linking of intelligent data to geometric objects within the CAD plan. The data structures are freely definable and can be exported into common database formats.

TachyCAD is offered within the following industry solutions:


TachyCAD Archaeology

TachyCAD Archaeology is suited for site excavations as well as for complex three-dimensional excavation situations (e.g. city core excavations with wall fragments). Next to the graphical documentation in 2D and/or 3D it is also possible to attach object data for the features captured onsite.

  Archaeology, CAD-Dokumentation on site



TachyCAD Building Survey

TachyCAD Building Survey can be used anywhere where building plans are drawn or CAD-detected objects need to be combined with facility data. Creating 2D or 3D drawings is easily possible.

  measurements and drawing in CAD on site


Complete systems

TachyCAD is offered mainly as software. As a service we can offer TachyCAD as "Total Package". Including soft- and hardware, such as  a total station, mobile computer, tripod etc., depending on the needs of the customer.

FARO software is independent of hardware manufacturers. The components of these solutions depend on the desired scope of application. Various settings are available for optimal configuration based on hardware of choice. The delivered system is ready for immediate use!