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Piping in AutoCAD

PointSense Plant

  • Industrial facility design from scan data
  • Auto-recognize industry standard components
  • Best-fit all piping components to point cloud data

Intelligent Plant Design from Laser Scan Data in AutoCAD

FARO software PointSense Plant provides tools for pattern recognizing plant assets from point cloud data giving designers the ability to move directly into their familiar AutoCAD based plant design programs (Plant 3D, MEP, CADWorx, AutoPlant, etc.). Exact tie-in points for components can also be determined without any modeling. This is in addition to classic FARO software‘s PointSense tools for modeling, managing and manipulating data sets in AutoCAD.

FARO is compatible with data from most scanner manufacturers

FARO supports most data formats and is therefore hardware independent. As a leading provider of 3D scanners for long range and short range measurement, we are also able to offer complete system solutions.

Walk through a Pipe Run

Automation and pattern recognition is essential for efficient use of point cloud data but too much automation can lead to costly errors. The “Walk the Run” tool guides a user through a run, pattern recognizing and suggesting insertion points for pipes, elbows, tees and inline fittings based on catalogs. This semi-automatic approach keeps the user in control of the modeling process to ensure accuracy the first time through a run.

Intelligent Centerlines, Solids or Intelligent Plant 3D Objects

After routing a pipe run the user is left with options for exporting native AutoCAD solids, a detailed 3D polyline listing correct component locations along the pipe routing line or the option to export intelligent AutoCAD Plant 3D objects.

Structural Beams and Steel Extraction

Structural beams can be extracted directly from cloud data with two clicks. Batch fitting modes allow for multiple beams to be fit in one session. Standard structural catalogs are provided but users can also create custom structural shapes for extraction. Apply constraints for beams ensures that all beams align correctly within a common structure.

Flexible Piping Catalogs

The FARO software team will provide the majority of standard catalogs needed for piping jobs in multiple industries. Plant 3D catalogs can be directly opened. In case a fitting doesn’t exist, the user can create custom patterns for their library. The software then learns to read this pattern within a run. This is excellent for custom built fittings.

VirtuSurv and PointSense Plant

The planar views via FARO software VirtuSurv provide a clear photo-like image of single scans and allow for a much more intuitive navigation than experienced inside AutoCAD. Users may draw and model directly to CAD in combination with PointSense Plant commands.

Tank Analysis Tools

Cylindrical tanks, boilers or containers can be unwrapped and deformation analysis can be performed. Precise volumes can be calculated with consideration of deadwood.


  • Intuitive steps for modeling or deriving connection points for piping systems and steel construction and linking to industry standard piping design software package.
  • Catalog driven pattern recognition for industry standard components or user created fittings.
  • No need for expensive, complex software outside of AutoCAD.
  • Clash detection support between solids and cloud data.
  • Support for insulated pipe runs.
Millions of Points in AutoCAD