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GPS Daten direkt vor Ort ins CAD übernehmen, Vermessung mit GPS-Empfänger


  • Support for all instruments used in surveying
  • Efficient recording of existing geometry
  • Universally deployable

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Increase in efficiency

FARO programs can work with the data obtained from hand held lasers and total stations, GNSS receivers, cameras, 3D laser scanners or simply the readings from a measuring tape. They are universal and can be used in all branches of surveying and offer for the most different of surveying situations special functions that save both time and money.

TachyCAD Building Survey - leave the job with a finished drawing

Surveys using a total station are especially suited for buildings with irregular and complex geometry such as in old buildings or hotel buildings. The sector solution TachyCAD Building Survey provides numerous functions for fast and efficient surveying. In AutoCAD the total station becomes your cursor. In this way CAD drawings can be finished on site and without any errors. Using Bluetooth technology the hand held laser measurements can be used to create the drawing.

TachyCAD is a "One Man" solution. The drafting of the CAD drawings on site guarantees completeness and the minimisation of errors. Details

PhoToPlan - intuitive photogrammetry in AutoCAD

Photogrammetry is one of the fastest methods for surveying real objects. PhoToPlan facilitates the true to scale rectification of digital photographs with the assistance of reference information on the object.  The photographs that have been rectified (true to scale) in CAD can be immediately transferred to a vector graphic.

The extensions PhoToPlan Pro and PhoToPlan Ultimate provide in addition to the classical photogrammetrical multi image solution, the computation of orthophotos and cylindrical unrolling. Details

PointSense - comfortable and easy processing of 3D laser scanner data

The PointSense programs provide the tools that are missing in AutoCAD for the efficient analysis of 3D laser scanner point clouds. They support the data formats of all of the major instruments on the market. A region manager controls the management and display of the point clouds and their subdivisions. Various modelling tools have been provided (polyline fitting, plane fitting and cylinder fitting). Details

VirtuSurv - use and processing of laser scanner data with and without CAD

VirtuSurv is FARO's standalone software for working with laser scanner data. It supports the display of numerous structured scan data formats and can communicate through interfaces to CAD and Windows programs. VirtuSurv can transfer coordinates and complete command strings to any Windows program. But the processing of the scans is more intuitive with VirtuSurv than with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and Revit. Details

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