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documentation of crime scene


  • Photographic and geometric documentation in CAD
  • Quick and simple on site preservation of evidence
  • Universally deployable

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Quick and intuitive recording of accidents and crime scenes in CAD

Crime scenes and accident sites must be quickly, easily and precisely recorded. When the documentation contains errors it is often not possible to do a resurvey, as the crime scene has changed or the accident site has been cleared.

FARO programs facilitate the quick recording of real geometry in AutoCAD - on site and by the evaluation of photographs or point clouds in the office. FARO programs are easy to use in order to determine the circumstances of the event. The data obtained lays in a standard CAD format which allows for the export of documents that can be used in court.

PhoToPlan - draw CAD plans and 3D models from photographs

PhoToPlan facilitates in AutoCAD the true to scale rectification of photographs of planar objects such as streets or facades. Individual images can be combined into a single total image. Following rectification they can be used in AutoCAD as the basis for simply, quickly and precisely obtaining measurements or the vectorisation of the scenery. On the other hand with PhoToPlan Pro and Ultimate the classical photogrammetry procedure for analysing photographs of three-dimensional objects is available. With just a few clicks of the mouse 3D models can be produced in the office from photographs of crime scenes and accident sites. PhoToPlan combines directly in CAD the photographic and geometric documentation. Details

PointSense - quick and efficient processing of 3D laser scanner data

In just a few minutes laser scanners can capture the situation at crime scenes and accident sites. The scan data from all of the common 3D laser scanners can be intuitively and quickly processed with PointSense. Details

DistToPlan - survey crime scenes and accident sites with a hand held laser

DistToPlan connects a Bluetooth enabled hand held laser with a notebook. DistToPlan facilitates the on site documentation of not only simple geometry such as the road, position of vehicles, but also of rooms and apartments. Attribute data and images can be assigned to the surveyed CAD objects. Details

TachyCAD - document in CAD crime scenes and accident sites

TachyCAD connects a total station with an accompanying notebook. The documentation can be made in CAD directly on the crime scenes and accident sites. The objects that have been recorded in CAD can have attribute data such as floor coverings etc assigned to them and measurements can be immediately read off. The job is speeded up by functions that have been adapted to meet the needs of the police, such as symbols for specific road surfaces and traffic signs. The use of TachyCAD guarantees in CAD the complete and error free documentation of the crime scene and accident site. Details

VirtuSurv - processing of crime scene and accident site scans

VirtuSurv is FARO's standalone software for working with laser scanner data. The data from 3D laser scanners can be processed with and without CAD in a photo like display. The wide ranging support for structured scan data formats and the interfaces to CAD and Windows programs ensure for everyone a fast and efficient processing of the point clouds. Details

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  • Numerous regional authorities and security authorities, also international, that we cannot mention here on grounds of discretion.