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Vermessung von Industrieanlagen und Rohrsystemen

Plant survey

  • Quick, efficient and intuitive surveying of piping systems
  • No expensive specialised software, everything in AutoCAD
  • Exportable into almost all plant design programs

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Quickly, precisely and efficiently capture the actual state of industrial plant

The documentation of industrial plant and piping systems, coupled with the complexity of the objects, the difficulties of surveying pipes and the challenges of preparing the resulting drawing (coplanarity and concentricity) pose special demands on the survey engineer. FARO offers two sector solutions that very much simplify and speed up the surveying of plant.

PointSense Plant – semi-automatic processing of 3D laser scanner point clouds

PointSense Plant improves on the tried and tested processing of laser scanner point clouds in FARO's widely distributed PointCloud software.  PointSense Plant facilitates, through its intelligent pattern recognition function, the automatic processing of pipe runs. The "Walk The Run" function uses catalogues to identify pipes, tee-pieces, reducers or in-line fittings and then makes suggestions to the user on which to use. These catalogues can be edited and extended. After creating a complex pipe run the "Apply Constraints" function optimally fits the pipe run onto the surveyed 3D laser scanner data and additionally complies with the consistency conditions of the plant design software. Similarly steel construction elements are made coplanar and where applicable perpendicular to each other and trimmed .Details

VirtuSurv - quickly, simply and clearly work with 3D point clouds

VirtuSurv displays point clouds as photographs from the scanner viewpoint. That allows on the one hand the very fast loading of even large point clouds and on the other hand very easy navigation and retains a good overview. VirtuSurv can transfer data via an interface to any Windows program. There are additional specialised functions for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT users that allow the processing of the 3D laser scanner data without having to load huge point clouds into CAD. In VirtuSurv specific AutoCAD commands and macros are automatically run when the data is read in. As a result speed and efficiency are significantly improved when processing the 3D laser scanner data in AutoCAD. Details

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