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Erfassen von Raumgeometrien direkt vor Ort

Interior outfitting

  • CAD drawings for prefabrication of units
  • Templates are no longer necessary
  • Leave the job with the CAD drawings

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Leave the site with a CAD drawing

Machine prefabrication of components is being used more and more in interior outfitting. Stair steps, wall units and panelling, shop fittings, built-in cupboards or stone kitchen worktops would all be pre-made in the workshop and precisely fitted on site. The prerequisites for machine prefabrication are detailed and precise CAD drawings.

CAD drawings for prefabrication

CAD plans are drawn quickly and easily on site with the FARO programs. In parallel to taking the measurements the plans are created on site directly on the job in a laptop or tablet. The subsequent translation of hand-made sketches into a CAD drawing or the tedious making of templates is all eliminated.

TachyCAD - leave the site with the finished CAD drawing

With a total station, a notebook and TachyCAD Interior Outfitting complex geometry is quickly, easily and precisely recorded. Through accurate measurements crooked walls, uneven floors and ceilings can be can all be documented in CAD without too much effort or also represented as a 3D model. Components can afterwards be precisely prefabricated. Details

PhoToPlan - create drawings and 3D models from photographs

Photography is the quickest way of surveying. PhoToPlan rectifies photographs of planar objects such as walls and ceilings in AutoCAD, in such a way that they can be used as a template and traced over to form a CAD drawing. The rectified images serve as the basis for the subsequent vectorisation. Details

PointSense Building - efficient processing of 3D laser scanner data

3D laser scanners capture extremely quickly highly complex geometry and are enjoying ever more popularity in interior outfitting. The sector solution PointSense Building facilitates directly in AutoCAD the direct and efficient processing of the 3D laser scanner data to create 2D sections, sketches and plans. A prerequisite is to use 3D scanners which are also an alternative for the interior outfitter for highly precise and fast surveying of existing buildings.  Details

VirtuSurv - the processing of 3D laser scanner data for everybody

VirtuSurv displays the laser scanner data in a photo like way. Intuitive and quick to learn tools facilitate the processing of the laser scans without having to resort to expensive software, with and without CAD. The measured values obtained from the scans can be transferred through an interface to any Windows program, such as Excel spreadsheets. For AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT there are functions available that very much speed up the processing of the 3D data. Details

Detailed information onFARO programs for interior outfitting can be found on our Interior outfitting website.

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