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Bring the world into CAD

FARO products simplify or make possible the capturing, evaluation, management and documentation of real world objects in CAD (Overview).

FARO programs are universally deployable

For example FARO programs can be used for obtaining data from and the documentation of topographical terrain, buildings, technical facilities, ships, monuments or also archaeological excavations. Recorded objects can have information assigned to them, in a database suitable format, such as material properties, equipment information, damage findings or also how it appears.

Simple and intuitive - sector specific solutions

Certain areas of application place sector typical requirements on both the user and the software. Sector specific measurement tasks are often repeated and sector specific standards must be adhered to. For this end FARO provides product specific sector solutions.

Although universally deployable certain sectors have evolved to the point where FARO programs can fully utilise their strengths:

Support for all surveying instruments

FARO programs can work with the data obtained from hand held lasers and total stations, GNSS receivers, cameras, 3D laser scanners or simply the readings from a measuring tape.

Surveying must function simply!