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Facility Management

  • Standardised data structures
  • Transfer the data into any CAFM system
  • Automatic processing of old CAD drawings
  • w Fast data capture of the existing situation

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CAD drawings are a prerequisite for modern Facility Management

Modern Facility Management uses CAFM software solutions. These database based solutions must be filled with existing building data in accordance with the specified requirements and conditions. Besides geometric data from CAD programs attribute data also plays a big role.

3D CAD drawings are a prerequisite for BIM

The term Building Information Modelling (BIM) describes from the first planning phase to demolition the complete life cycle of a building. To be able to unambiguously document this life cycle, then at regular intervals and after each alteration, the current condition of the building must be recorded and compared with the previous situation.  

hylasFM – structured data for building plans

hylasFM has been developed for the structured recording of building data. This recording can be done completely new when the geometric data is being recorded or it can be added to already existing drawings.  Intelligent pattern recognition and plausibility controls greatly support the recording process. Attribute data, in a freely editable structure, can be assigned to geometric objects. A standardised and database suitable organisation of the data facilitates its export into any CAFM system. Details

DistToPlan - draw a CAD plan on site with a hand held laser

If there are no existing CAD drawings of the object to be managed DistToPlan allows the quick and efficient survey of simple homes and building floor plans in CAD. Parallel to making the measurements with a Bluetooth enabled hand held laser the respective geometric data is created in the notebook. Attribute data such as furnishings notes can be assigned to the CAD objects in the drawing. Details

TachyCAD Building Survey - the efficient surveying of large and complex areas

Surveys using a total station are especially suited for buildings with irregular and complex geometry such as in old buildings or hotel buildings. The sector solution TachyCAD Building Survey contains numerous functions that allow the quick and efficient survey of buildings. With a total station and a notebook you can draw CAD plans, floor plans or 3D models on site and in parallel to that collect database suitable attribute data. Details

PointSense Building - efficient processing of 3D laser scanner data

3D laser scanners capture extremely quickly highly complex geometry and are enjoying ever more popularity with surveyors. The sector solution PointSense Building facilitates directly in AutoCAD the direct and efficient processing of the 3D laser scanner data to create 2D sections, sketches and plans. Parallel to creating the CAD drawing a list of floor areas can also be simultaneously created. The room floor areas, together with additional extra information, such as types of surfaces and use, are displayed in a clear and customizable tree structure. Details


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