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  • Site monitoring
  • Condition documentation
  • Setting out

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Quickly and efficiently capture the current state of the building

Whether it is a site plan for planning a construction scheme, monitoring during the construction phase or building documentation for the hand over - in the construction industry it must be continually surveyed and recorded.

TachyCAD - draw the complete CAD plan on site

Total stations are the standard surveying instruments on the building site. With TachyCAD CAD plans can be drawn directly on site and parallel to the taking of the observations. Measurements from existing CAD drawings can be set out on the real objects. Details

PhoToPlan - from the photograph to the 3D model

PhoToPlan allows not only areas such as walls or elevations of buildings under construction to be quickly and precisely captured, but PhoToPlan Pro and PhoToPlan Ultimate also allow 3D models to be created from photographs and provides in AutoCAD the classical multi image photogrammetry. Details

PointSense - efficient processing of 3D laser scanner data in CAD

3D laser scanners are not only used in tunnelling but also for capturing highly complex geometry. Laser scanners allow highly complex structures to be captured in just a few minutes and with PointSense precisely and efficiently processed directly in AutoCAD. Details

VirtuSurv - 3D point cloud processing for everybody

VirtuSurv can process the 3D scanner data from almost all of the scanners currently available on the market, with and without using CAD software. A general interface allows that the observed points and values can be transferred in a preformatted form to any Windows program, such as Excel. VirtuSurv has special functions available for working together with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and Revit, that can also in these programs significantly simplify data analysis. Details

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