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Fassadenkartierung vor Ort im CAD

Built heritage conservation

  • Photographic and geometric documentation in CAD
  • Find mapping and action planning in CAD
  • Sustainable data format

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Built heritage conservation

Capturing historical buildings in CAD

Listed and historical buildings usually have very complex geometry: walls are not upright or flat, beams are not straight, angles are not square and damage cannot be easily described with simple geometric shapes. FARO programs simplify the capturing and documentation of monuments in CAD and provide action planning functions.
From experts for experts: FARO programs are developed in close cooperation with restaurateurs, photogrammetrists and survey engineers.

Future-proof CAD plans

The results from working with FARO applications are AutoCAD drawings. With this worldwide standard you are adopting a sustainable data Format.

TachyCAD - finished CAD drawings on site

TachyCAD offers numerous features for surveying existing buildings. Whilst making observations with a total station an AutoCAD drawing is created on site in the notebook. Complex geometry is very clearly, descriptively and accurately documented. A flexible data structure permits the recording of attributes and attribute data, these can then be assigned to the CAD objects in the drawing. Details

PhoToPlan – photographical and geometrical documentation in a CAD drawing

With PhoToPlan it is possible to rectify and make true to scale directly in AutoCAD photographs of planes, such as facades, walls and ceilings, so that they can be used as a template for a subsequent vectorisation or they can be used as their own stand-alone documentation. PhoToPlan Pro und Ultimate extend AutoCAD to include the classical photogrammetric multi-image procedure. By clicking on the same points on an object in different photographs 3D models are quickly and comfortably created. Details

MonuMap - damage mapping and action planning in CAD

MonuMap is the FARO product for damage mapping and action planning. In photographs or CAD drawings the individual findings and damaged areas of the object to be mapped can be recorded, and can be optically displayed in CAD by using hatching and labels and recorded in a database suitable and editable structure. MonuMap combines directly in AutoCAD the graphic with any further detailed project specific attribute data and information. Details

PointSense - efficient processing of 3D laser scanner data directly in AutoCAD

3D laser scanners capture extremely quickly highly complex geometry and are enjoying ever more popularity in built heritage conservation. The sector solution PointSense Heritage allows directly in AutoCAD the efficient processing of the laser scanner data.

Photogrammetric functions improve the accuracy of the processing and make it simpler and more intuitive. 3D models can be constructed in PointSense, without having to use the laser scanner data, by using the photogrammetrical multi-image procedure. Details

VirtuSurv - the simple processing of 3D laser scanner data with and without CAD

With VirtuSurv's photo like display of the point cloud the laser scanner data, from almost all of the scanners currently available on the market, can be quickly and very precisely processed. Through the interface to Windows programs observed values can be transferred in a preformatted form to any program, such as into an Excel spreadsheet. Interfaces to AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and Revit can significantly simplify and speed up data analysis in these programs. Details

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